Random existential questions

Do we deserve to know the truth? Could we handle it? And if so, would we know what to do with it? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself for the past few days. I am always into research, reading and analyzing because that’s my nature. But do these benefit of the masses evenContinue reading “Random existential questions”

Ramblings over a cup of tea

There are so many memories that come back to life through the lyrics of a song, through words that carry you back in a certain time and place, that can never be re – edited because copies are not worth extra effort. You can’t go back in time, but when memories are resurrected they remindContinue reading “Ramblings over a cup of tea”

Think before you judge

Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge. -Carl Jung We live in a divided society and world, as sometimes is much easier to judge and blame, than understand. Have we always been like this? Probably yes, but, back in those days, there wasn’t any Social Media or Internet  so no one, except your closeContinue reading “Think before you judge”

Running out of words

What do you do when you lose your words? When they become insignificant as you learn to express  yourself through other medium. What then? Do you give up? I don’t, but I speak and write less and observe more. That’s how I discovered  photography, observing  more, learning to see differently. It wasn’t easy  at first,Continue reading “Running out of words”

MWM&M: Motivational Musing

Have been gone for some time, life got a bit busy, my PC got attacked by a virus and I kept on promoting my photography and participating in contests. Have been meaning to write a post, but felt like I had nothing important to say, up until now. Last month I created a Facebook photographyContinue reading “MWM&M: Motivational Musing”

MWM&M : On dreams

Dreaming is my favorite thing to do, before, after and while sleeping, so it occupies most of my time. However after intense research and analyze (while on conscious mode) I realized that successful people, the ones I always looked up in awe, were different then the rest of us. They made their dreams come true. TheyContinue reading “MWM&M : On dreams”

MWM&M: Ongoing adventure

For as long as I can remember adventure meant something exiting and great that happened to brave people, to people who travel to exotic locations looking for hidden treasures. I dreamed of these kind of adventures with my eyes wide open, hoping one day I will be one of those people. But that was thenContinue reading “MWM&M: Ongoing adventure”

MWM&M: Let’s talk about… Fotomarathon

Today is all about photography again and my experience in the first ever fotomarathon. Or my first ever live photo competition. I’d like to read your constructive critiques and opinions. Feel free to express them :). When I first started this blog it was merely to post my photographic work, but as time went byContinue reading “MWM&M: Let’s talk about… Fotomarathon”

MWM&M: On “the chosen ones”

My whole life have been reflecting on “the chosen people”. According to the Bible they would be the ancient Israelites, actual Jewish people. Well, let’s agree to disagree. I decided to build my own theory around the terms of “chosen people”. I do not like to follow rules, at least not in my mind andContinue reading “MWM&M: On “the chosen ones””