Think before you judge

Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge. -Carl Jung We live in a divided society and world, as sometimes is much easier to judge and blame, than understand. Have we always been like this? Probably yes, but, back in those days, there wasn’t any Social Media or Internet  so no one, except your closeContinue reading “Think before you judge”


MWM&M: On inner children

As I was looking through the peanuts skins for the lost treasure I had a revelation. Actually more of a question than a revelation: Do we grow up or do we grow old? How much of our younger selves stays with us over the years? In my basic behaviour there are things that didn’t changeContinue reading “MWM&M: On inner children”

3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 3)

Today being the last day of this challenge, I decided to choose some quotes that will put a smile on your face. Am guilty of enjoying – from time to time – an easy read, a chick lit novel that will make me laugh out loud. My three picks for the day, are from three books IContinue reading “3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 3)”

3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 2)

Back again, with the second round of quotes. Thank you Chape for nominating me. If in need for some healthy tips, do visit his blog. Challenge rules: 1. Post three consecutive days. 2. You can pick one or three quotes per day. 3. Challenge three different bloggers per day. For the last 20 minutes, have beenContinue reading “3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 2)”

3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 1)

Did I tell you I love quotes? I basically live my life ruled by them. Here’s one that inspired me the most last year: Thank you Chape @ Chape Blog for nominating me to this awesome 3 days challenge! If you didn’t visit his blog before, you should do it straight away as you can learnContinue reading “3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 1)”

Facebook’s words of wisdom

Today’s task at Writing101 was to go on our Social Media accounts ( I chose Facebook), check out older posts and see if we can still relate with them. Lovely task, must admit. I post dozens of things on Facebook, daily. Most of them are shared posts, pictures or websites that resonate with me atContinue reading “Facebook’s words of wisdom”