Inspired by a picture What was it that I was supposed to do again? Did I have a meeting or had to go shopping with my daughter? Now I feel stupid. It’s like everyone can read my thoughts and I feel lost. Maybe if I stare at my watch I will remember. Time helps orContinue reading “Forgetfulness”



Every time I lit a cigarette I think it’s the last, but addiction runs through my blood and I can’t tell my brain what to do. It dictates my moves, my desires, my addictions. So many years have passed, but I continue to smoke away my life, my hopes, my health. I feel life slippingContinue reading “Smoke”

One day of November

The rays of sun tickle my skin and I enjoy them more than I did the whole year. It’s late November and a late afternoon,  but the sun doesn’t care. He still shines bright until it sets. Today is the day I decided to contemplate the surroundings, to listen and observe. There’s nothing more relaxingContinue reading “One day of November”

Three shades of blue (short story)

It’s funny how a colour can rule a part of your life without you even noticing it. It can be found everywhere, but you can’t realize it, because you are either too young, either too busy… If someone was ever to paint a picture of her childhood it will be in shades of blue. InterestingContinue reading “Three shades of blue (short story)”

An odd encounter (short story)

She shouldn’t have done it, but she never followed rules so did it anyway. It was a long time since she last saw him, but she couldn’t just turn around and walk away. The street was pretty crowded, but what if he spotted her first. What if he followed her? Would make things worse. SoContinue reading “An odd encounter (short story)”