Does fear create monsters?

I don’t like to write about negative things as there are so many and it doesn’t improve the society by pointing out only the negatives. However, I just came across this video and these issues need to be addressed. What do you think? The guard attacked those ladies for not wearing their masks in theContinue reading “Does fear create monsters?”

A dangerous virus attacked Social Media

It’s been a couple of months now that Social Media has been struck by a very dangerous, mind threatening virus. This virus is known by many names, but most commonly by “Change”, “Awakening” and “Growth”. It can affect everyone, since doesn’t follow a define pattern. Its powers are frightening. There were a couple of remoteContinue reading “A dangerous virus attacked Social Media”

A thought on Syrian exodus

I am not a racist, nor a humanist. I see the world around me as a home, no matter where I go,  acknowledging the people around me, trying to understand them and their values. Media and globalization made it possible for us to connect, to move around, to try to settle for better, to tryContinue reading “A thought on Syrian exodus”