A good thriller for winter days

I haven’t done a book review for a long time and it’s not because I haven’t read anything this year (I have, 36 books to be more exact) but because I didn’t feel the need to review them. Up until the last one, up until The Family Upstairs. A couple of days ago, I gotContinue reading “A good thriller for winter days”

Where They Found Her was just the begining

I’ve already told you I have a reading list to complete by the end of this year. However, there’s always a book that comes to me unexpected, so I just can’t turn my back on it. And once I start reading I dive into a new world, ready for a thrilling adventure. And who can refuseContinue reading “Where They Found Her was just the begining”

“The Good Girl” gone bad

You know that moment when you finish a book and you are in a trance? You don’t realize what just happened. It’s like a train just hit you, but there are no signs of injuries. Well, that’s what I experienced after finishing reading The Good Girl by Mary Kubicam not going to tell anything aboutContinue reading ““The Good Girl” gone bad”