Reading and sharing

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you are celebrating with your dear ones and having a great time. Today’s writing assignment was about featuring a guest. I admit I wanted to do an interview. Even wrote down the question.  The most difficult part was to choose the fellow blogger for the interview. And making decisions is notContinue reading “Reading and sharing”


Ordinary day, unbelievable events

You may never believe this, but when I woke up yesterday it was snowing. I haven’t seen snow in a year and felt magical. I love snow, because I was born in a snowy day and because it reminds me of a happy childhood.  I looked through the window and smiled. Then I remembered IContinue reading “Ordinary day, unbelievable events”

Facebook’s words of wisdom

Today’s task at Writing101 was to go on our Social Media accounts ( I chose Facebook), check out older posts and see if we can still relate with them. Lovely task, must admit. I post dozens of things on Facebook, daily. Most of them are shared posts, pictures or websites that resonate with me atContinue reading “Facebook’s words of wisdom”

Mining through drafts

This is an updated draft I wanted to publish last week. It wasn’t what I expected to be, but I’m never impressed with my work. I wanted to write about the importance of books in a forever changing world, but I couldn’t come up with anything worth publishing. Finally, some words and rhymes linked togetherContinue reading “Mining through drafts”

One day of November

The rays of sun tickle my skin and I enjoy them more than I did the whole year. It’s late November and a late afternoon,  but the sun doesn’t care. He still shines bright until it sets. Today is the day I decided to contemplate the surroundings, to listen and observe. There’s nothing more relaxingContinue reading “One day of November”