Psychochromatic Redemption

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Lilac and dreams

You know that feeling of spring,when days are getting longer and there’s a fragrance of blooming trees in the air? That’s how Èclat d’Aperge

by Lanvin makes you feel.

It’s a fragrance that makes you daydream whilst smellin lilac flowers and that is why I associate it with Big Magic- Creative Living beyond fear by Elizabeth Gilbert,the book that changed the way I see my craft.

Big Magic is exactly like the title tells you,it makes you dream big and follow your passion not because you want to make a living out of it,but because that is what lights a fire inside you. And as long and that fire burns,you bloom like a tree in spring.

I truly recommend both Big Magic and Èclat d’Aperge


Which Way Photo Challenge

Roads can take you anywhere, in an adventure of a lifetime. The way you go is strictly your own choice. This is my entry for SonOfABeach96’s Which Way Photo Challenge this week:

When I am tired…

I sleep and don’t do much. It seems that I’ve been tired for quite some time as  haven’t written anything in such a long time. It would be fancy to say I have been travelling and spending my time on a sandy beach, but the truth is I’ve been busy with work and projects.

One of them is an Instagram project where I show photographs from the places I love, places that are dear to my heart, either because I consider them home or because they’ve changed me in a way or another. So if sometimes you are bored and have nothing to do, search @hip.travels on Instagram and you can join me in the living like a local experience.

This is a photo I took on my day off when I decided to explore the areas around Paphos, Cyprus. This is taken in Coral Bay.


I see this

via I see this

New Year

New Year, new opportunities

New ideas, new perspectives

Same old selves,same old behaviors…

We need different habits, different endeavours

In order to accomplish what we’ve planned,

And to be satisfied with the outcome

In the end.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was kindness. Once upon a time there was respect. Once upon a time there was gratitude. But everything was once upon a time. Nowadays people seem to have lost the meaning of these words. They are not a part of the majority’s vocabulary. What happen in 20 years? Where did it all go? I am frustrated and worried about the world we are living in.

Nearly one year ago I came to this country because I was curious and because I wanted to try something new. Got a job in education and was quite ecstatic for a while. But then it hit me. I started to see the cracks in the walls, the dirt under the rug, the tears behind the perfect smile. I started to realize that the educational system has so many flaws I could write books about them and that the free education system is merely a joke. Joke on us, the teachers. We are underpaid to deal with behavior issues that need to be dealt at home, to be hit by students and to chase them around the school. Learning takes many steps back and is actually left behind all that chaos. And then we are asked for progress, for pieces after pieces of evidence, for better results.

Therefor I conclude in saying that a job in education has stopped being rewarding and empowering. Parents ask so much and do so little, children are rude and have no willingness to learn whatsoever and we are left broken, penniless and with regrets.

The end

Might be the end of the road,

But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong

Nor that is right,

When you end up a fight;

Pieces are broken

Hearts are torn open

And love…well,love is forgotten.

Ramblings over a cup of tea

There are so many memories that come back to life through the lyrics of a song, through words that carry you back in a certain time and place, that can never be re – edited because copies are not worth extra effort. You can’t go back in time, but when memories are resurrected they remind us of an older version of ourselves. And older becomes wiser in time and lead to present where you are about to make new memories. It seems like life is made out of beats and lyrics, pictures, snapshots of random moments that become special only as the time goes by. We live through music and images like in a movie that describes the life of someone else that turns out to be us in the end. So live, love, create through verses and never skip a beat. Life is amazing!


Freedom has its price

Are you ready to pay it?

Think before acting.

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