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Does fear create monsters?

I don’t like to write about negative things as there are so many and it doesn’t improve the society by pointing out only the negatives. However, I just came across this video and these issues need to be addressed.

What do you think? The guard attacked those ladies for not wearing their masks in the right way and if that was the only issue, it has obviously gone too far.

Why are we becoming monsters when we are scared? Was the violence necessary in that situation? What happenes to human rights and why did the guard became aggressive, when she could have only addressed wearing the mask accordingly? Is this the beginning of strange control?

I don’t have the answers for these questions and it saddens me to see violent reactions like this. We are all in this, some people have chronic rhinitis and can’t wear a mask, others suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and some can’t breath through it at 40+ degrees. We need to be more understanding. At least that is how I see it.

What do you think? Did the guard act in the right way? I’d like to see your answers

Have you heard of imposter syndrome?

Have you ever felt like the tasks at your job are way above your knowledge or abilities? Have you ever felt like a fraud and atribute all your accomplishments to luck? You don’t like compliments as sometimes you feel you don’t deserve re them? You as many others like you, have possibly experienced the impostor syndrome.

Waking up this Saturday morning I decided to share with you my experience and what I have learned so far about the Imposter Syndrome. Apparently it was first studied on women and it was believed only women suffer from it. But it’s not the case. Here are the successful entrepreneur Mike Cannon Brookes and actor David Tennant talking about their experiences with impostor syndrome.

I first heard about it reading an article in EuroWeeklyNews last week’s issue at page 49, where Dione Lockery talks about. It sounded so familiar. So I decided to learn more about it. On Future Learn I found a course offered by University of Southern Queensland Australia about Overcoming Imposter Syndrome:Identify the patterns undermining your confidence so I dived in.

It was such an informative short course. I had made some tests to determine the degree of impostor syndrome in my brain and wasn’t surprised to find it way over 50 per cent. I have learned there are 5 types of imposter syndrome and learned how to overcome them. Also, I have read that many successful people as we saw already, suffer from it. Here’s a more detailed article.

We all have our doubts and sometimes we feel like frauds. The key to everything is to keep growing your mind and learn more things, expand your consciousness. Change our mindsets from fixed to growth and soon we’ll feel better. And if that doesn’t work, when the imposter syndrome tries to get ownership over your brain, remember this quote from Michel de Montaigne, that will at least cheer you up:

Kings and philosophers shit- and so do ladies.

Michel de Montaigne
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Restoring Faith in Humanity

This virus has brought fear and in some cases the worst in most people. But, despite all the the struggle, despite arguments like masks/no masks, which country has the most cases, economy vs health, etc there are still good people in the world, ready to help others in need.

I live somewhere by the sea side and this place relies on tourists especially at this time of the year. However, the virus made it difficult for the tourism sector which is barely surviving. Many businesses have gone bankrupt and with new cases emerging each day, the tourists are less and less.

Yesterday, I went on a bus ride, first in about five months and even now, in what should be the busiest time of the year, there were only 15 people in the bus, far less than in January, when buses were packed.

You’d think with this crisis services would improve, but I am afraid it isn’t the case with bus companies. In the tourist area, two tourists got in the bus and had ten euros to pay for the ticket. They couldn’t speak the national language and of course the driver could not speak English. He was refusing to let them in, telling them they need change. The guys explained they waited for the bus for more than 20 minutes, but the driver was not having it. He didn’t care they were tourists and had no clue about the rules here. He was refusing to let them in.

Luckily, one of the guys who sells sunglasses and hats on the beach came to their rescue and went to change their money. His gesture was so genuine and impressed me to tears. Those guys, most of them have no legal papers to work here, are being given strange looks on the street and having a tough life in general with police and so. But he instantly jumped to help someone else. God bless him and people like him, who are ready to do good despite the adversities.

His gesture made me restore a bit of faith in humanity. We are not doomed as a species, not all of us. There are still good people out there, who deserve to live in a better world.

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Book of the year

This is exactly what happens when you are misunderstood, when all your genius and talent are shoved under the carpet by the society.
I wept and not because I knew how this was going to end(I have the 6th sense) , but because of the unfairness of it all. How everything in this society is so f*cked up? The lack of knowledge and sense seems to be praised meanwhile the geniuses and raw talents are considered oddities.

Chris Wind is a fabulous writer. Her insights and ideas, captivate you in a way you want to discuss them with the people around you. That is, if you have people who can perceive and have valid opinions on the topic. As objective as I can be, I find the writing style very appealing: the quotations, the poetry and the subject combine beautifully, creating a masterpiece. An interesting mix of a memoir and biography,  a philosophical novel, together with some amazing poetry. It is a meditative reading, that will make you ask yourself questions, take notes and be more introspective.

That was the objective part, now comes the subjective one. This is what happens won’t only be the book of the year for me, but it ranks high, top 5 on the best books ever read. Kris, is like a best friend you could talk to about stuff, knowing she will get you. Reading this book was like a 2 am talk whilst admiring the stars and the Milky Way. It’s like knowing I am not alone, there are other people like me, with same ideas as mine. It was both refreshing and painful to go through everything with her and feeling her every move, every rejection, every hardship. I’ve been through many situations similar to hers and I asked myself the same questions. I would have loved to have a sister like Kris, she is my kind.

It took me a while to finish this book and not because it was a difficult read, but because I wanted to absorb everything, to acknowledge my ideas are not that crazy, that there are other people who think like me. It’s funny how sometimes, life brings you the right people/books at the right time.

I truly recommend This is what happens to everyone, though I know many won’t get it, many will find it depressing (flash news! Life is depressing if you analyze it objectively) and many will simply not understand it. But, I absolutely love it and give it 5stars+

This is what happens by Chris Wind

What we need is kindness

Ah, kindness. What a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in this world.


Well, I didn’t want to write this post, but seeing everything that has been happening in the world, I feel obliged to do it.

I feel the pain, the struggles people of colour have to go through everyday. And it is not only them, it’s every immigrant who decided to live in a different country from their own. They will never belong. There will always be a reluctance of acceptance, discrimination, violence.

And now all the attention is towards a single group of ethnicity, like we forgot all the atrocities committed against women, against children and different ethnic groups. When are we going to realize we are in all together and responding violence with violence makes the matters worse.

We seem to forget about kindness and it’s odd how some people seem obliviant to the inequalities around them and support a cause that doesn’t relate to them directly. A wise man once said, if you want to change the world, start with yourself. Be kinder, help people around you, be the change you want to see in the world. And that kindness might influence someone to do the same and soon you can make your community better and kinder.

We don’t need more protests, we need kinder people. We need people to not cross the street if you speak a different language from their own, we need people who embrace the difference in others and try to learn from them.

What this world really needs is more love, understanding and acknowledging.

Your soul has no colour

No matter if black or white
If wrong or right
If ignorant or bright
We all have same rights.

A right to live,
A right to breathe
A right to breed
And right to succeed.

Remember, we are all equal
On the face of earh,
So start listening to your soul
Given at birth.

What was the last book you read?

What was the last book you read?

For me, it was Plague of Corruption:Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science by Dr Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively. After watching the short interview that has been removed from YouTube, Plandemic, I decided to read the book to see the whole picture.

Yes, I know at times this book is hard to follow, as the narrative goes back and forth and you can’t establish the right time frame, but let me tell you something, this book needs to be read as it has so many important facts and is based on years of research. We all should know by now, that pharmaceutical industry doesn’t care about people, it cares about gains and money and healthy people don’t bring that. Read in these times, it is, or at least should be an eye opener to everyone. And we should question everything. And on top of that, every interview Dr Mikovits has, it’s silenced or removed afterwards. Why is that, if money weren’t involved in the process?

Sometimes, you have to read books that go against the main narrative, just to see the other side of the story. At least I do that..

What about you? What was the last book you read?

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Taste buds pleasure

Because who doesn’t like a good pizza? I surely do, so today is about it.

All of these flavours

Make one’s mind surrender

To taste buds’ pleasure.

Thoughts on lockdown

How is lockdown going on in your part of the world? Are the things starting to move or you are still on hold? What are your opinions about the whole situation? I want to know if they go along the guidelines of the mass-media or against it?

In my part of the world the opinions are divided and people seem to be really adamant about their views, which I see it pretty close minded. I believed that in 2020 we would be better in thinking outside the box and accepting other views even if they go against ours. I guess, I was wrong once again…

So, what are your thoughts about the current world-wide situation?

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