Hi friends! It’s Friday and it’s the end of a decade. 1989 was a year of change in many aspects, political mainly, but you can see a change in the music also. Take for example Lullaby, which I really love or Personal Jesus or Toy soldiers. They are all different from what we were used to. We still have the love songs If you don’t know me by now, Don’t know much and Right here waiting. Elton John was singing about Sacrifice and Madonna about prayers. Very interesting year, I tell you. The one who was cheeky was Chris Isaac playing Wicked Games and Belinda Carlisle was afraid of the dark. Michael Bolton was asking a difficult question and Phill Collins was spending Another Day in Paradise. There was also Milli Vanilli whom I grew up listening to. I remember we had some vinyl records at home and this song was my favourite. Sweet memories! Later on I found out they were actually a fraud. And if all these songs didn’t cheer you up, this one will surely work its charm. No PG here, just lovely, Disney. And now, I will list my top 5 favourite songs from 1989 and you must know they are all on 1st place in my heart.

I Want It All-Queen – because apart from Milli Vanilli, Queen was the other band I listen to when I was child. There was also Kansas, Olivia Newton John, Abba, Boney M’, CC Catch, but another time about them.

If I could Turn Back Time-Cher It just sounds so good and when you hear it in the speakers it’s impossible to sit down. For that Cher, I give it to you this time. It is also one of my 80’s favourites.

The Best- Tina Turner I dedicate this to my father who is simply the best. Thanks to him I have some music knowledge today.

Lambada- Kaoma – I still love this song, even though by the time it was on top I couldn’t dance it and was envious on all my friends who were dancing so nice in their lovely Lambada skirts. Even now, after all these years I still freestyle on it.

Listen to your heart- Roxette because as I previous stated it was my favourite band in the 90’s and this was their first hit that reached my heart.

So there it is. Wasn’t long, was it? Hoped you enjoyed it. For more good music, check here and don’t forget to dance to impress or for success. Whichever you prefer 🙂

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