Great minds are everywhere, in every corner, we just have to stop and listen to them. One of these great minds was the Romanian monk Arsenie Boca. He was born in 1910 in a small village in Romania. He was just a normal child, but very clever and interested in everything around him. When he was in year 7, he told his classmates that during their drawing and painting classes he realized that “the man is not simply, blood and bones, but there’s something else. The inspiration is not related to matter and reason.”

Even though he studied Belle Arte in University and had vast knowledge of psychology, anatomy and philosophy, was playing the flute and was fluent in French, in the end he became a monk. Being tortured by the communist regime wasn’t easy, but he never gave up on his beliefs. He died in 1989, before the falling of the regime and left many teachings and inspirational quotes to our nation.

1. Never stop learning. Learning involves reading a lot, but you have to live the ideas you are reading. “What is left after you forgot everything you’ve read is truly yours; that’s what you assimilated.” You have to raise your heart and soul through reading and learning. “Great knowledge gets the man closer to God”.

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