Top 13 from 2003

Summer is already here and music is all we need to enjoy it even more. For 2013 I chose to do a top 13 with the best songs from this year. Why 13? Maybe because there were only 13 songs I enjoyed in 2003 or maybe because this year was one that marked me for life so thirteen is like a suitable number for a top this year. Anyhow, here they are:

13. Milkshake-Kelis (this always makes me want a strawberry milkshake)

12. Sunrise-Simply Red (just great for a lazy summer afternoon)

11. Never leave me-Lumidee (perfect if you want to move a bit)

10. Forca- Nelly Furtado (love it)

9. Let’s get wild with Outcast and their Hey Ya.

8. This song brings back great memories: In Da Club-50 Cent

7. Limp Bizkit’s Behind blue eyes is much more than a song to me. It’s a story that never gets old.

6. White flag- Dido ( a bit sad, but still sounds good)

And now it’s time for the five best songs of 2003 or at least the best in my opinion J

5. On the fifth place stands Evanescence with Bring me to life as we need a bit of rock from time to time.

4. The fourth place is given to Beyonce and Jay Z with Crazy in love. Loved Queen B even in 2003.

3. On the third position we find Dido again, this time with Life for rent.

2. The battle between second and first place was a tough one and in the end decided that My Immortal and Evanescence should be on the second position as I don’t want to end the top putting you in a sad mood.

1. Therefore on the 1st place I chose Where is the love and Black Eyed Peas. Love those guys, their music and this song is just brilliant for the message it sends. Plus we end up in a better mood. Take care and enjoy life!


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