Beach party on 2009’s songs

Hi everyone! These boiling summer days go hand in hand with good music. At least something to keep our minds busy from the heat. Curious about 2009 and what it has to offer in terms of music? Well I was before I started since 2008 was so full of surprises. 2009’s songs  were pretty good and very danceable also. Thought to put them in a playlist for a short beach party (before police shows up). So here it is, let the party begin:

Paparazzi- Lady Gaga– all parties need a warm-up

Beautiful- Akon – this is part of the warm-up and will for sure gather a bunch of ladies on the dance floor.

Sexy chick- David Guetta ft Akon – continuing with good beats

Waking up in Vegas- Katy Perry – love this song, as that’s the way you are after a good party. Katy knows it.

We are golden-MIKA – after Vegas’ experience Mika’s song goes perfect.

Bad romance-Lady Gaga – what’s better than this song after a couple of drinks? Maybe a vodka shotJ. Anyhow, most likely everyone will be on the dance floor now.

Alejandro- Lady Gaga – this one goes hand in hand with the previous song. Don’t stop dancing!

Meet me halfway- The Black Eyed Peas – let the drinks flow and dance like you’re the only one there. This is an intro for the big hit coming next.

I gotta feeling- The Black Eyed Peas – the song of the night, should also be the song of 2009. Love it! (maybe it can be replayed at the end of the party).

Quicksand- La Roux – I picked this one just because by now it might feel like there’s quicksand on the beach.

Run this town- Rihanna ft Jay Z –  chose a remix just to have time for more drinks for the ones who are not into remixes J

Empire state of mind- Jay Z ft Alicia Keys – back in the game, dance game that is. If you can still handle it.

Watca say- Jason Derulo – a bit more dance please

Knock you down- Keri Hilson ft Kanye West, Ne-Yo – for the ones who still have energy to dance

Taking back my love- Enrique Iglesias ft Ciara –some more pop beats before we go home

Whataya want from me- Adam Lambert – ending up powerful (this one will sure alert the police for disturbing the peace and quiet).

Basically the party songs are over, but parties never end when the dancing songs are over. There are always people who had too much to drink and can’t move anyway and people who like to stick around for one more drink, the ones who still hope not to go home alone and the ones who want to dance slow songs just to show off they are not single. All sorts of people you can find when the party is over and the lights are about to be tuned off or on –  if in a room. For them I still have some songs left:

Not fair- Lily Allen –  oops, don’t listen to the lyrics if you are still hanging around and still looking for company. Maybe it will apply to you in the end. Bad luck, then.

Fireflies- Owl City – this one is for the ones who can’t move due to the amount of alcohol ingurgitated. It’s like a lullaby to put you to sleep.

Chasing pirates- Norah Jones – this is still for you, just in case Fireflies didn’t work.

All the right moves- OneRepublic – for karaoke people, who try to impress the remaining audience.

21 guns- Green Day – for the bartenders and cleaning ladies who try to rush people to go home a.k.a. the hosts in other occasions.

You found me- The Fray – by now, everyone must be gone, but just in case, there are two more songs

Try sleeping with a broken heart- Alicia Keys – now you have it, the slow song, you’ve been waiting for, even though is not actually a love one. You can still hold on to your partner and whisper him/her sweet words.

Happy- Leona Lewis – this is the last on this long playlist that I hope you enjoyed. And if on a party, hope you’re going to be happy in the end or the next day. All the best!

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