Could an App change our views of the world?

The ReGender App by Jass Richards might answer that question

Could an App change the way you see the world or maybe just confirm some of your doubts? Well Rev and Dylan are about to find out.

Starting reading the book I had no idea how things are going to turn out. But must admit I was very impressed with it. First and foremost the characters are really cool (for their age). They are those type of people I’d like to hang out with. Intelligent, witty and adventurous. I enjoyed their dialogue and insights.

I won’t give away the plot as I never do, all I’ll say is: this is a very interesting book. The idea of an App that could change your gender (Rev and Dylan had a great debate over this) through a hologram, drew my attention. Rev could test if being a man would bring her more privilege and Dylan could test if being a woman would make him more vulnerable and discriminated.

I loved the issues Jass Richards touched in this book. We live in a world where women’s discrimination is still an untackled subject. It was interesting to see how things are being seen once you live in the shoes of the opposite sex and see the world through their eyes.

Rev and Dylan had to write a report on the App as they’ve tested the Beta version and I totally agree with their views in the end.

A book I really recommend to any book club and to people who are interested in gender differences and gender discrimination.


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