Music around Europe in ’00 – Part II

Hi friends and welcome for the second part of our musical journey around Europe in the first decade of the new millennium. We went in the northern Europe first and now it’s time for the south to shine.

We start from East, from Turkey, to be more exact, where we have Tarkan with Şıkıdım. Moving towards west, we end up in Greece where Stavento sings about beauty in Omorfi, Sakis Rouvas has a great hit in 2008 Kai se thelo and Kokkinnou Elli has a love song that sounds really good De ginetai.

From Greece, we move on to Italy where Nino D’Angelo sings Senza Giacca e Cravatta (I remember this being a real hit in the early 2000) and Tizziano Ferro has 2 great hits Xdono and L’amore e basta (a song I really love even now). Eros Ramazzoti sings about one feeling forever and Laura Pausini just sings. From Italy also come Blue with A chi mi dice and Patrizio Buanne with my favorite Italian song of all times Il mundo.

Leaving Italy behind, we move to Spain and to its beautiful and crazy beach parties from Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, Ibiza or Tenerife. If you’ve ever visited Spain, you’d know that parties over there end at 7am and some of the people go straight to work from fiesta. Not all the songs I chose are originally from Spain, some are from South America or Mexico, but since the language is still Spanish I allowed myself to do so. Believe me, you won’t regret it. Let’s start with Los Caños and Niña piensa en ti (used to love this song back in 2000). We continue with Manu Chao and Me gustas Tu and Juanes- La camisa negra. From Puerto Rico, Ricky Martin sings Tal Vez– an amazing and beautiful song, while Chayanne has two songs: a very fast one –  Torero and a slow one –  Y tu te vas (a song I almost sang on a karaoke night- luckily for the others I gave up). They weren’t so lucky when I decided to do karaoke on Marco Antonio Solis’ Si no te hubieras ido – was a very funny night nonetheless. From Mexico comes RBD a group that had many hits in the 2000’s, but I chose only one for today: Solo quedate en silencio (everyone loved them since they also had a TV series). We can’t leave Mexico without listening to Thalia’s No me Enseñaste, Camila with Abrazame or Mana-Mariposa traicionerra. If you’re in the mood for some Latin dance, go ahead on bachata rhythms with Aventura, Xtreme (this is to learn some moves in the process) and Daniel Santacruz Bailando contigo and A donde va el amor – love dancing bachata!!:)

Back in the Iberian Peninsula we have a Spanish band from Asturias, El sueno de morfeo with Nunca volvera. From Madrid comes Pignoise with Te entiendo and from San Sebastian comes La Oreja de Van Gogh with Jueves (a very powerful song in the memory of all those people who died on 11th of March assaults in Madrid, being inspired by a diary found on one of the victims). David Bisbal and his Quien me iba decir give me energy every morning when I listen to it. Our Spanish journey ends with a song that brings back funny memories from an “inolvidable” summer: Colgando en tus manos. I found two songs in Portuguese to make our southern (comfort) European journey complete: Buraka Som Sitema-Kalemba and Boa Sorte from Vanessa de Mata & Ben Harper.

Well this is it! Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Hope so, cause for me, old music is like an old friend, bringing back memories from another times and other places I left a part of my heart in. All the best and keep listening to good music.


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