30 things to do before you turn 30*

Reading through Suzie’s entertaining blog today  I came to her post about 23 things you should do before you’re 23 that gave an idea for this post. So thank you Suzie! 🙂

Turning 30 this year was a big deal for me as I set some goals fro this age in my early 20’s. Of course I didn’t reached the goals, but that doesn’t make me unhappy. Along the years I’ve learned so much, I grew up so much and realized the goals I set were unrealistic and they don’t even fit me today. So I thought of 30 realistic things you should do until you’re 30, that will make you’re life better, happier and funnier. Here they are:

  1. Get a degree, as it is imperative to have one in the times we are living. Go for the things you love rather than the ones that are in high demand, because doing what you love will always make you happy, even though maybe you won’t earn too much.
  2. Focus on the things you like and go in that direction job wise. By the time you’re 30 you must have a clue on the things you like.
  3. Travel. Do lots of it, with every chance you get. Travel changes you and makes you discover things about yourself you never knew.
  4. Learn everything about yourself and enjoy your own company. Spend as much h time as you can in your own company.
  5. Love life and discover its beauty. You can do that by going outside, watch everything that surrounds you and listen to all the noise. In the chaos you’ll find the peace. Do all these without having any gadget around.
  6. Try to communicate with your parents more and discover them as people not as parents.
  7. Learn empathy – it will make your life a lot easier.
  8. Read, read, read (tabloids don’t count). Reading helps you discover things, teaches you stuff and relaxes you. Just try it and I’ll promise you won’t be disappointed.
  9. Conquer your fears! ‘Til your mid-twenties ‘fear” is not a word you use too often, but as you get closer to your thirties fear is making room into your life and mind. I discovered by the age of 28 that I have a fear of flights and social anxiety I never acknowledged before. But I’m not going to let it rule my life so I’m going towards it.
  10. Question everything, don’t settle for general truths just because everyone does so. That takes me back to no 8.
  11. Cut out media TV and social media of your life as much as you can. Go out and meet people, go in nature and listen to the birds, do sky gazing and I assure you, you’d be more entertained.
  12. Let go of friends who drag you down. Life’s too short for that. You need good quality people.
  13. Learn to be responsible for everything you do. After all, you’re a grown up now so it’s high time you act like one (clean after yourself, do the shopping, pay the bills, move out of your parents’ house- would be some examples.)
  14. Say what’s on your mind, because if you don’t it will upset you and will bring you down. Speak up, but choose your words wisely, which leads to no 15.
  15. Be diplomatic or learn how to be as you can’t be a teenager all your life.
  16. Never settle if you don’t find the right person to settle with. Don’t give up, because life is full of surprises.
  17. But if you find a good hearted person who still loves you in your worst days, don’t let him/her slip away. Not many people can love you when you look and act like a dragon which spits fire.
  18. Stop sleeping around with strangers. Some do this thing in their early twenties, but at thirties you should know what you want and that shouldn’t include an STD or other unwanted things.
  19. Know your limit with alcohol as no one wants to see a 30 year old puking on the streets or lying dead at the entrance of a pub.
  20. Learn s many foreign languages as you can. It will help you in the most unexpected moments.
  21. Open up to new ideas and concepts as a closed mind is humanity’s worst enemy.
  22. Spend quality time with people you can learn from and people who make you laugh. Make sure you also keep those people close around
  23. Try new things, new skills you never thought you had. I realized in the last 2 years I love art and it really relaxes me. I also discovered I love to write poetry, even though everything started as a joke.
  24. Get stoned at least once, to know what it’s like and how it feels.
  25. Learn to cook basic food like soup, rice and eggs. At least you won’t die of hunger and you can save some money in the process. If you’re really willing you can learn to cook exquisite food, but my advice is to start from basics.
  26. Start exercising and stop eating junk-food no matter how many excuses you find for not doing so. You are 30 now and your health and good looks depend on these two main things. Act wise.
  27. Create a bank account and start saving some money. You never know when you need them so if you took the advice on no 1 you might need some savings for no 3.
  28. Practice meditation as will teach you a lot about everything.
  29. Get a pet that will help you get thorough your darkest days. A dog or cat would be best, but the choice is yours. Might also help you with no 13.
  30. Spend some time with children. You will be surprised how life will seem after that.

* You can do these things even after you turn 30 as long as you do them, anyway.:)


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