Just finished a quick tidy up in my closet, before getting ready to go out. I wouldn’t have done it, but couldn’t find my mascara nor my kohl pencil. So I had to search everywhere. The toughest part was my closet, because, man, that place is like a labyrinth. You or your hand can easily get lost between objects, bags and clothes. A big mystery box, that’s what it is. The problem is that it’s too small for all my things. I won’t name now all the things that reside in my closet, because it will take all night, but must say that I have shelves with all sorts of clothes, depending on my mood, shelves with bags, shelves with all unnecessary things I never wear or use. Even found a rock-star wig and sunglasses (I used them for carnival, don’t get the wrong ideas) That gets me thinking I spend money on loads of unpractical things. Since I’m in a hurry now, I might choose something I never wore before for a change. And maybe I’ll sort this thing out one day, when in mood, and donate some of the things or dump them in a recycle clothes bin, if I find one, nearby. After all, why keep so many things if they don’t suit me anymore.