Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was kindness. Once upon a time there was respect. Once upon a time there was gratitude. But everything was once upon a time. Nowadays people seem to have lost the meaning of these words. They are not a part of the majority’s vocabulary. What happened in 20 years? Where did it all go? I am frustrated and worried about the world we are living in.

Nearly one year ago I came to this country because I was curious and because I wanted to try something new. Got a job in education and was quite ecstatic for a while. But then it hit me. I started to see the cracks in the walls, the dirt under the rug, the tears behind the perfect smile. I started to realize that the educational system has so many flaws I could write books about them and that the free education system is merely a joke. Joke on us, the teachers. We are underpaid to deal with behavior issues that need to be dealt at home, to be hit by students and to chase them around the school. Learning takes many steps back and is actually left behind all that chaos. And then we are asked for progress, for pieces after pieces of evidence, for better results.

Therefor I conclude in saying that a job in education has stopped being rewarding and empowering. Parents ask so much and do so little, children are rude and have no willingness to learn whatsoever and we are left broken, penniless and with regrets.

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