Does fear create monsters?

I don’t like to write about negative things as there are so many and it doesn’t improve the society by pointing out only the negatives. However, I just came across this video and these issues need to be addressed.

What do you think? The guard attacked those ladies for not wearing their masks in the right way and if that was the only issue, it has obviously gone too far.

Why are we becoming monsters when we are scared? Was the violence necessary in that situation? What happenes to human rights and why did the guard became aggressive, when she could have only addressed wearing the mask accordingly? Is this the beginning of strange control?

I don’t have the answers for these questions and it saddens me to see violent reactions like this. We are all in this, some people have chronic rhinitis and can’t wear a mask, others suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and some can’t breath through it at 40+ degrees. We need to be more understanding. At least that is how I see it.

What do you think? Did the guard act in the right way? I’d like to see your answers


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