In the previous post I said that I look at life through pink lenses, because if I don’t I’d cry every day. You see, being an empath is not easy. You get all emotional about all the things that happen around you even though they don’t affect you directly. I’ve tried to live differently, to not care, but I failed. And that was the moment when I chose simple things to brighten up my day. Because when all you feel is sadness, you need distractions, you need small moments of happiness, a reason to move on, to dream for a better day.

Being an empath has many downsides. Whenever in crowded places, I feel restless and anxious. If someone approaches me and his/her thoughts are quite negative I feel sad. Watching news on Tv or reading the newspaper makes me sad and anxious. I can’t cope with these feelings. Even learning about someone’s death, whom I never met, makes me sad same as the feeling of not belonging or not fitting in one place. Luckily, I started to learn how to back out those feelings, how to build the wall that won’t let negative energy reach me. This wall works best when I am full of energy and motivated, but when stress and fatigue pile up the wall becomes thinner and thinner and I can’t control the amount and quality of energy that reaches me. That is why, I need to get away from places, from people, to lock up in my sanctuary and build my wall again. That is why I have to keep wearing my glasses, because even the smallest distractions can make my wall stronger and my life happier.