Lessons learned

I love lists and for today’s Writing 101 prompt, this is mine with the things I’ve learned.

I’ve learned that people change as time goes by

And all that’s left are memories which never die.

I’ve learned that life is precious,

Hard at times, but also gorgeous.

I’ve learned to laugh from the heart

As laughter can heal you when everything falls apart.

I’ve learned to love myself

More than anything else,

Because at the end of the road

You’re always left to walk alone.

I’ve learned to understand,

Forgive, forget and be a loyal friend.

I’ve learned how important is to speak my mind

Be firm and honest, but also try to be kind.

I was taught to enjoy the sound of silence

In the middle of the chaos.

And in the end I’ve learned to never settle,

For little things, insignificant answers or accepted truths

As life’s a though game you have to win, not lose.



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